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Dynamic Planner Fund Research Update – March 2018

Glenn Bryant 19 April 2018

The core of our process is a combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis. The quantitative analysis combines measures of performance, risk, outperformance frequency and tracking error relative to the Dynamic Planner Asset and Risk Model....

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How Dynamic Planner Can Help You Meet MIFID II Requirements

Glenn Bryant 19 March 2018

The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MIFID) is the framework of European Union (EU) legislation which regulates, among others, financial advisers providing investment and pensions advice in the UK....

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Three Questions to Ask About ‘Balanced’ Investors

Ben Goss 07 March 2018

In the dark days pre-RDR, firms might ask whether a client was high, medium or low risk. If they gave the middle answer, the client would be prescribed a ‘balanced’ fund made up of a mix of asset types: cash, bonds, equities and property. As with any population, most people fall in the middle of the distribution and balanced products sold well. Insurers and banks created huge funds into which the majority of investors were advised or sold....

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Dynamic Planner ACE Rated Funds update

Nigel Murphy 21 April 2017

The January update of ACE Rated Funds presents us with an opportunity to introduce a number of significant improvements to the fund research conducted by Dynamic Planner. Based on the feedback from advisers, customers, and asset managers, it was clear that the research needed to focus on the strengths of the process, and present the results in a much simpler and clearer way. For that reason we are changing from the current four ACE awards to just two awards -  Premium Fund and Select Fund.  Whilst the Research process has already ...

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