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Dynamic Planner: Updates to Risk Profiling Report

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Josh KnightPublished: 13 November 2017

The latest release of Dynamic Planner is now live. This release sees the much-anticipated updates to the risk profiling report. Many of our users have provided feedback and suggestions as we’ve been through the process of improving one of our most used reports.

Some of the changes to the reports will include:

  • We have adopted a much more neutral look and feel to the reports and used the same font throughout
  • We have improved the wording and removed unnecessary duplication of content
  • The layout and styling of the tables has been revised to make them much clearer
  • As far as possible we have looked to improve the spacing and flow of the report, minimising pagination issues

The new report template is available now. Sign in to Dynamic Planner to see it for yourself.

We are looking at making similar improvements to other reports over the next few months. If you would like to provide any feedback or review the proposed re-designs then please get in touch.

October was a record-breaking month for Dynamic Planner in several ways:

o We had a record number of advisers using our iOS risk profiling app – this lets you complete the risk profiling process on your iPhone or iPad with the client, even if you are offline

o We had a record number of advisers using the risk profile invites feature – this lets you send your clients the risk questionnaires ahead of your first meeting, seamlessly importing the data back into Dynamic Planner, so you can generate the new risk profile report

o We also had a record number of users searching and researching funds in Dynamic Planner The Portfolio Suitability Hub provides easy access to the list of Risk Profiled and Risk Targeted funds and portfolios, as well as research and filtering for the wider fund universe

It is great to see so many of you embracing Dynamic Planner within your processes. If you’d like any information or support in using any of the above features, then please get in touch with your account manager or the Client Success team.


Joshua Knight,

Product Manager,

Dynamic Planner

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