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Nigel Murphy

Nigel is Marketing Manager at Dynamic Planner. He has worked as a marketer in financial services over the past decade, with particular focus on the intermediary channel.
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General election latest – will you be voting for the FRP?

Nigel Murphy 06 June 2017

As we draw ever closer to the polling day on Thursday 8th June, who really would want to be a political spin doctor agonising over the vagaries of the latest opinion polls and in any case, are they ever accurate?...

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New: ACE Rated Funds now updated to Premium and Select

Nigel Murphy 12 May 2017

We are pleased to announce that we have implemented changes to our ACE Fund Research to enhance visibility and simplicity of rated funds in Dynamic Planner this month. We took this decision following a consultation process with our customers to understand how we could build on the core strengths of the process and help advisers identify the superior funds over time....

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Dynamic Planner ACE Rated Funds update

Nigel Murphy 21 April 2017

The January update of ACE Rated Funds presents us with an opportunity to introduce a number of significant improvements to the fund research conducted by Dynamic Planner. Based on the feedback from advisers, customers, and asset managers, it was clear that the research needed to focus on the strengths of the process, and present the results in a much simpler and clearer way. For that reason we are changing from the current four ACE awards to just two awards -  Premium Fund and Select Fund.  Whilst the Research process has already ...

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Why advisers should embrace their website

Nigel Murphy 12 July 2016

Understanding your proposition and how it meets your customer’s needs is perhaps the most vital attribute for anybody operating a business – this may seem obvious, but perhaps not quite to the extent you might expect....

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