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How To Make Sure Suitability Doesn’t Get Lost In Translation

Ben Goss 20 March 2018

At the Dynamic Planner Annual Conference at the end of January, reviewing clients’ portfolios to ensure ongoing suitability was high on the agenda. In a poll of delegates, 42% said they spent half a day or more preparing for a client’s annual investment review. ...

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Three Questions to Ask About ‘Balanced’ Investors

Ben Goss 07 March 2018

In the dark days pre-RDR, firms might ask whether a client was high, medium or low risk. If they gave the middle answer, the client would be prescribed a ‘balanced’ fund made up of a mix of asset types: cash, bonds, equities and property. As with any population, most people fall in the middle of the distribution and balanced products sold well. Insurers and banks created huge funds into which the majority of investors were advised or sold....

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Dynamic Planner 2017 Highlights

Ben Goss 30 December 2017

2017 has been another fantastic year for the Dynamic Planner service. These are just some of the highlights....

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Ben Goss Shares Bankhall Spotlight with the BBC’s Fiona Bruce

Ben Goss 28 November 2017

Dynamic Planner CEO Ben Goss shone in a high-quality debate chaired by BBC journalist and news presenter Fiona Bruce at the Bankhall Annual Conference 2017....

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Dynamic Planner Responds To Rory Percival Report

Ben Goss 20 September 2017

Dynamic Planner highly rated in Rory Percival’s guide to risk profiling tools. DT welcomes this independent guide from Rory Percival given his background as Investment Specialist at the FCA and the critical role that Dynamic Planner and other services now play as part of advice firms' investment processes....

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Beware Sheep In Wolves’ Clothing: Regulators’ Market Review And How To Get Value For Money When Investing

Ben Goss 09 August 2017

In the ‘90s you couldn't open a Sunday paper in the run up to the tax year end without being bombarded by esoteric investment fund adverts; 'Beaten the FTSE 5 years running', 'Top Quartile Asian Fund’, ‘Five star BRIC fund’. What really matters of course is not whether your money beats the FTSE, clear benchmark that it is, but whether your investments help you fund your retirement or send your kids to university or achieve other life goals that matter to you, for a level of risk that you are willing and able to take . ...

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Why 20% of investment advice will be automated by 2020 (plus or minus 10%)

Ben Goss 15 March 2017

I was asked last week to speak at the Personal Finance Society Leadership Forum on the topic of automation in advice. I started with the following questions:  ...

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Building bridges between data islands

Ben Goss 07 November 2016

We drove out to countryside and parked outside the anonymous grey, 1950’s breeze block building. We were welcomed inside and offered coffee. While we waited we took in our surroundings; wall upon wall of beige hanging files all with private client fact finds, illustrations, application forms, correspondence and paperwork and an army of administrators photocopying, stapling, scanning and on the phone. There were several fax machines....

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3 rules to managing systemic risk

Ben Goss 19 October 2016

Fear of systemic risk often stops digitally supported advice initiatives before they even get started. It shouldn’t....

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5 strategies to overcome the tyranny of investment choice

Ben Goss 06 October 2016

In a famous experiment in an upscale Californian grocery store, researchers set up a sampling table with a display of delectable jams. On the first Saturday they offered an array of 24 different jams to taste, on the next Saturday they displayed only six....

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