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£19.3bn of assets in volatility managed funds- hear more from the Dynamic Planner team

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Dynamic PlannerPublished: 12 April 2017

The search for ongoing fund suitability has been a major enabler for the strong growth in what are often described in the industry as “outcome orientated” funds. Perhaps the most well-known type, according to the latest Investment Association (IA) stats are “targeted absolute return” funds. However there has also been significant uptake for what the IA describes as “volatility managed” funds.

So much so, by their measures, there is £19.3bn of AUM in these specialist type funds that hitherto were often lost in the “unclassified” sector. Managing the assets to ensure they remain inside a defined volatility corridor is a relatively new concept and the choice of funds even in this new sector evidences the differing set of risk schemes out there.

Dynamic Planner offers its own unique version of volatility management, in the form of the Risk Target Managed (RTM) proposition. We already have over £4.3bn of AUM across 67 funds plus 17 discretionary managed portfolios, since we launched this service back in March 2015. And interest is growing very significantly both from advisers and asset managers.

The RTM funds are highlighted within Dynamic Planner's Portfolio Suitability Hub using the gold logo as below.

Targeted badge new brand - 2 TM.png Targeted badge new brand - 3 TM.png Targeted badge new brand - 4 TM.png Targeted badge new brand - 5 TM.png Targeted badge new brand - 6 TM.png 

Targeted badge new brand - 7 TM.png Targeted badge new brand - 8 TM.png

Please contact our team to find out more about these can be used to within your Centralised Investment Proposition…….or why not register for our Spring Roadshows, where we have plenty of leading asset managers joining us.




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