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Morningstar Active Managed Portfolios join Dynamic Planner’s Risk Target Managed® Service

Dynamic Planner 23 February 2017

Dynamic Planner is pleased to announce that five risk-graded discretionary managed portfolios from Morningstar Investment Management Europe Ltd, part of the Morningstar Investment Management group, have been added to Dynamic Planner’s Risk Target Managed™ (RTM) Service....

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Suitable Investment Recommendations from Dynamic Planner reach an all-time high!

Dynamic Planner 02 February 2017

Leaving to one side the implications of Brexit and the new US President, a real highlight of 2016 should be the news that over £2 billion of suitable investment recommendations were made via Dynamic Planner. This record level is a real milestone and we thank our users for making it happen!...

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Is 13 Your Lucky Number?

Dynamic Planner 06 January 2017

It may not be for the superstitious minded, and with good reason perhaps…just try some of these!...

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Asset & Risk Model – Strong Results to end of 2016

Dynamic Planner 04 January 2017

This is the traditional time for setting New Year’s resolutions and adopting Dynamic Planner’s Asset & Risk Model to power your centralised investment proposition is worth further consideration....

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Donating to Readifood's FoodBank

Dynamic Planner 08 December 2016

DT staff were delighted to provide Readifood, Reading’s food bank with their generous donations which will hopefully help make a difference families and individuals across the greater Reading area....

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News from the Investment Committee Q4 2016

Dynamic Planner 14 November 2016

Reflections on a historic US Election Background...

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Dynamic Planner November Update

Dynamic Planner 04 November 2016

Dynamic Planner November update is now live, along with various performance improvements to ensure a faster use, but also a host of improvements:...

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ACE Rated Strategic Bond Funds – how are the leading managers faring?

Dynamic Planner 01 November 2016

For those of you familiar with the Dynamic Planner asset allocations, there has always been a significant allocation to UK fixed interest securities across risk profiles 2 – 5.  But with UK inflation levels creeping up again to a 2 year high and sterling continuing to bear the brunt of market uncertainty post-Brexit, it is no surprise the ultra-expensive UK gilt market has been unsettled of late....

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Dynamic Planner users see risk appetite return post-Brexit

Dynamic Planner 01 November 2016

Over the last 12 months, over 205,000 individual investors went through Dynamic Planner’s psychometric risk profiling questionnaire and here we look at the results compared to previous quarters’ reports....

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Dynamic Planner October Update

Dynamic Planner 06 October 2016

Dynamic Planner October update is now live, along with various performance improvements to ensure a faster use, but also a new password security enhancement....

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