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Assessing suitability – picking a winner

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Dynamic PlannerPublished: 05 September 2011

The interest and activity following the FSA’s work on assessing suitability looks set to continue. As a result, we are working closely with our growing client base to ensure that their propositions are ‘suitable’ in more ways than one.

Assessing risk suitability

For advisers, our Summer release issued on 31st August makes a number of further enhancements to our risk profiling tools. As a result, Dynamic Planner is the only risk profiling application that allows an adviser to seamlessly conduct a risk profiling questionnaire, create an asset allocation and portfolio for the selected risk profile and then quickly turn the results into a comprehensive report and audit trail. It’s one of the reasons why Dynamic Planner is so popular as an ‘out of the box’ solution.

In addition, we have supported a number of client seminars this year and more events are scheduled. We anticipate that we will see over 1600 advisers during the next quarter – a tremendous opportunity to inform and support ‘assessing suitability’ at a practical level.

Finally, our fund risk profiling service continues to grow in popularity. The service helps to bridge the gap between the chosen risk profile and the investment portfolio recommended.

Assessing technology suitability

Enterprise clients such as banks, insurers and larger wealth managers, need bespoke solutions that reflect their processes and propositions, which our planning and sales platform does very well.

For example, AXA Financial in Ireland has recently extended its licence for their investment planning tool and SSP has just selected Distribution Technology as their preferred partner for financial planning tools.

The focus on suitable tools and technology for our clients means that the company grows from strength to strength; our revenues grew by 25% in the financial year ending June 2011. Going forward, we are working with a number of product providers and platforms on their integrations with Dynamic Planner, as well as our quarterly releases on the product roadmap.

With over 48,000 registered users, Distribution Technology is in a unique position to support the industry value chain, from the investment and product provider, through to the platform provider, advisory business and the end customer.

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